The group

This project was born and is developed thanks to many people involved in many sectors; we want to thank Alessandro Polito, that pushed us into transforming a simple idea into a reality… without his effort, we surely had not sufficient courage and possibilities to start! Also we want to thank Antonino “Nightolo” Radici and Pierluigi “Newmark” Maori, that permitted us to start our first steps into this great trip inside electronic and computer science.

Technical development Team:

  • Gabriele “Asbesto” Zaverio
  • Alessandro Polito
Media and web:
  • Armando “Ram” Peluso
Technical support:
  • Andrea “Mancausoft” Milazzo
  • Armando “Ram” Peluso
Logistics support and technical consulting

Donors and sustainers:

  • Interlogica Srl (
  • Antonino “Nightolo” Radici
  • Pierluigi “Newmark” Maori
  • Alessandro Polito
  • Denis “Jaromil” Roio

This is is a work in progress; please tell us anything or anyone we forgot!

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