Online Computers

This is the main list of our historical computers online, free to use! You can directly access to PDP-11/34 or VAX systems directly via TELNET, using links on this page. Every computer have a free account, just follow on-screen instructions! You can also contact us for a personal account on some of our historical computers.

NOTE: Sometimes our computers are offline, due to manutention, precautions (heavy rain, storms, power disruptions) or due to work in progress. Please be patient!

Our real PDP-11/34 is just “emulated” because it need too much current to work 🙂 We cloned his original disk so using it in this way is almost the same.

We plan to give access to other “emulated” systems in future, just to preserve them and preventing their aging, because some of them are difficult to fix in case of problems.


name address processor ram os hd usage
PDP-11/34 telnet 1134 PDP-11/34 1024 Kb? RT-11 V5.6 10 Mb SET TT NOCRLF ; RUN SPCINV 😉
Emulators on CORAZZINI telnet 10623 Many emulators!


name address type processor ram os hd usage
snorrvijoier (*) telnet 17023 Original: MicroVAX 3100/M40; emulation: VAX 3900 Original: KA45, SOC 25Mhz (40ns); emulation: KA655 64Mb OpenVMS 7.2 1Gb (original disk image) Esoteric languages, games
glorghnorth (*) telnet 17123 Original: VAXStation 4000/96; emulation: VAX 3900 Original: KA49-C, NVAX 100Mhz (10ns); emulation: KA655 Original: 32MB; emulation: 64MB OpenVMS 7.2 1Gb (original disk image) Languages, GAMES!

 * We decided to move Glorghnorth under Simh emulator to save energy costs and preserve the machine, and Snorrvijoier because of many hardware problems. 





name Address typo processor ram os hd usage
next SPARCStation 5 MicroSparcII 110Mhz 64Mb NextStep 3.3 1Gb /
columbia SPARCStation 5 MicroSparcII 70Mhz 48Mb OpenBSD 3.6 820Mb /
challenger SPARCStation 5 MicroSparcII 70Mhz 32Mb Slackware 7.2 400Mb ex 7 cd
slowlaris SPARCStation 20 2x SuperSparc 60Mhz 96Mb Solaris 9 2Gb + 1Gb /
amnesiac Ultra 5 UltraSparc IIi 360Mhz 128Mb NetBSD 4.0 4Gb /


name address type processor ram os hd usage
indy Indy R4400 200Mhz 160Mb Irix 6.2 2Gb + 1Gb Alien


name address type processor ram os hd usage
ariane5 7011-220 RSC (risc single chip) 33Mhz 16Mb AIX 3.2 540Mb Black Magic
svi6000 7009-C10 PowerPC 601 80Mhz 64Mb AIX 4.3.2 3x 2.2Gb /
ds9 7043-140 PowerPC 604e 200Mhz 128Mb AIX 4.3.3 9Gb + 2Gb /
vector / 7012-320H POWER1 25Mhz 32Mb AIX 4.3.3 500Mb /


name address type processor ram os hd usage
apollo Apollo 433s MC68040 33Mhz 16Mb Domain/OS 10.3.5 sys5.3 600Mb Ultra esoteric

NCR Corporation

name address type processor ram os hd usage
tower650 Tower 32/650 MC68020 25Mhz 8Mb Unix System V Rel. 3 312Mb /

UNISYS Corporation

name address type processor ram os hd usage
u6000 Unisys 386-20 8Mb? UNIX System V/386/486 Release 3.00 360Mb Ex CEA


name address type processor ram os hd usage
cosmos PowerMac 8500 PowerPC 604 133Mhz 96Mb Rhapsody 5.0 1.2Gb /