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Our historical VAX/VMS systems are back online 24/7!

After some technical difficulties, finally our VAX/VMS systems are back online, under SimH emulation. Thanks to to the combined efforts from Parazyd, Katolaz, Gerry, Mancausoft, Roadstar, Zappolo and the hardware donations by Francesco, Simone, Alessio and Domenico!

We decided to use an emulator to save the real hardware from issues and problems:

GLORGHNORTH, a VAXStation 4000/96, is unique at our Museum, and it’s too risky to keep it up and running for free access.

Background: VAXStation 4000/96. Foreground: MicroVAX 3100/40 RAM testing
Background: VAXStation 4000/96. Foreground: MicroVAX 3100/40 RAM testing

SNORRVIJOIER is a MicroVAX 3100/40 – we have plenty, but one is already dead (motherboard problems), and another one started burning RAM modules. So we decided for SimH emulation.

MicroVAX 3100/40 motherboard testing
MicroVAX 3100/40 motherboard testing

Now the two computers are back online in the new simulation form, after a disk image dump and a lot of configuration. As usual, they are connected to our RETRO-DECNET amateur network.

To connect use Telnet protocol:

SNORRVIJOIER: telnet 17023

GLORGHNORTH: telnet 17123

Free account is “LUTHER“. (Why‘ LUTHER?)

We also fixed some bug into installed games, we’re installing new games and also we have installed a marvelous GOPHER browser!

Note: they’re online since 2005! 🙂

Have fun with VAX/VMS!