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[ram has address]
[ram] xxxxxx
[asbesto] well
[asbesto] when we had this idea? some yeat ago?
[asbesto] at first I was thinking about to copy the board, starting from a scan of the original, remember?
[ram] the idea of *rebuilding it* was born when you found the guy who was selling boards
[asbesto] ok but that was after
[ram] so we say, ok, this madness is possible
[ram] but I can’t remember when we decided to do it, maybe some year ago
[ram] one of our chat
[asbesto] we were ever at Poetry Hacklab!
[ram] in which we thought it will be cool to rebuild an apple one
[ram] yes
[asbesto] ok, but why apple 1?
[ram] who knows
[asbesto] and not, just to say, the KIM 1 by Commodore? or  SOL by Lee Felsenstein? or  the IMSAI 8080?
[ram] there’s no answer to this question
[ram] l’apple 1 is the l’apple 1
[asbesto] later I found this american guy that made the board
[asbesto] and I thought: well, as usual we have good ideas and other people does before us!  O_O
[ram] before we found other people doing apple 1 clones
[ram] from which you found that american guy
[asbesto] don’t remember if I first found those guys in Germany with their apple 1 emulator board
[ram] I remember we say: if someone does it, so we can do it!
[asbesto] yes, at some point I thought: ok, let’s buy a board from this guy, put all those TTL chips and let’s roll!
[ram] I don’t give a xxxx about when and how this idea was born: LET’S DO IT!
[asbesto] hahahahahaha
[asbesto] and after all, the idea evolved
[ram] yes, we saw we had some chip in our shelves
[asbesto] so we passed from “let’s clone it” to “let’s do a GOOD clone”
[ram] and searching other chips online you started calculating all costs
[ram] and things went serious
[asbesto] to “let’s do a PERFECT clone, and to “well, let’s do a perfect clone from a Museum perspective!”
[asbesto] and here we entered the world of pain of component searching
[asbesto] but before we had to choose to BEGIN all this!
[asbesto] when we decided? 4 months ago? 3? 5?
[ram] before november of last year for sure
[ram] wait, cell
[ram] you know, I’m pregnant
[asbesto] hahahahahaha
[asbesto] you’re XXXXXX!
[asbesto] so november? ok but we had no money nor a place for the museum!
[asbesto] for sure we had to “start”
[ram] nooo asbesto
[ram] we was some time frozen because you were calculating all the costs
[ram] and we had no money, but we already decided to start
[ram] we were frozen some time, just calculating and searching cheap components
[ram] so we can do it

[asbesto] I made the list of components and started searching in our lab and online
[ram] 2 months almost
[ram] about 2 or 3 months passed since this phase
[asbesto] here I realized that it was a world of pain to find some components, and that we had no money ever for our bills
[ram] well we decided to collect money from our pockets just a few days ago, but we were already determined to do so
[ram] we were determined before summer
[asbesto] june, I remember
[ram] well at least is right to understand how much all this phase was long
[ram] and waiting and pain bevore having some money to purchase the board and the components
[ram] because the board was so expensive
[asbesto] well, my searching for components and my psychologic breakdown last from about 4 months. AHHAHAHAHHA
[asbesto] and is ever going on! hahahahaha
[ram] for sure it was before hackit because I dont remember but we were talkin’bout this with someone at hackit
[asbesto] BEFORE HACKIT 2012

[ram] and during the trip to hackit
[ram] maybe we were talking about this with  mancausoft in the car
[asbesto] and with Fanfani at verdebinario
[ram] we talked to verdebinario guys during the pizza meeting with them
[ram] but I remember that we had just some idea about how to do this
[asbesto] we were talking with mancausoft about programming a PIC to clone some rare chip
[ram] if I remember well you were in search for the guy that made the board
[ram] maybe not
[asbesto] no, I know that guy since years ago
[asbesto] listem, who cares about exact dates? let’s just say we started in june?
[ram] don’t remember if we talked about this in hackit
[ram] and if this become concrete after hackit
[ram] so all the searching phase started between spring and summer
[ram] I believe it was so
[ram] and moreover we had the possibility to find components more originals

[ram] and we talked also about recovering vintage chips in my backyard
[ram] outside, it was so hot ever at night
[ram] and it was the first time you talked to me about recovering vintage chips
[ram] so in august
[asbesto] wait, wanna check dates in my files
[asbesto] ok, from dates I will say that all this started in august
[asbesto] I mean the serious activity, part list checking, etc.
[asbesto] collecting all docs… I have everything 🙂
[ram] yes, we can consider august for sure
[asbesto] well, 3 month, considering also some search made some months before…
[asbesto] ok
[asbesto] so?
[asbesto] LET’S DO IT!
[ram] so, xxx xxxxx
[ram] just wait for those components and do it
[asbesto] we need to structure all docs. just started doing this
[ram] ok but now, without your digital camera, how do you take pictures of everything?
[ram] since components start to come here?
[asbesto] hmmm dunno. I will solve this 🙂
[asbesto] we need to put everything online, creating a space fo this
[asbesto] every datasheet, all technical docs
[asbesto] I started collecting docs just months ago 🙂 also I documented searching phases 🙂
[ram] ok, gotta go xxxxxxx
[asbesto] hahahha
[ram] see you tomorrow at the museum
[ram] 🙂
[asbesto] perfect
[asbesto] in the afternoon
[asbesto] ciao
[asbesto] 🙂
[ram] si, ciao
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