Historical VAX/VMS computers back online!

During holidays we worked hard to put back online our two historical VAX/VMS systems, Glorry & Snorry!


We had success, thanks to Kame, Crash, Moriarty, Vampire and all your support, against a lot of difficulties we had during this work; we also found rat poo’s and pee’s that corroded the mainboard of our ATOM Spiderport terminal server…

Also Corazzini, our old little server, is back online: he serve our PDP-11/34 emulator and the DECNET/TCP-IP bridge that connect our VAX computers to the amateur Retro-DECNET network they belong!

You can connect to them 24/7 as follow:

telnet poetry.homelinux.org 17023
telnet poetry.homelinux.org 17123

And the PDP-11/34 emulator is here:

ssh/telnet poetry.homelinux.org login: pdp11
telnet poetry.homelinux.org 1134

Please check our list of online computer at this page, we will update it as we add new online computers.

Enjoy them! 🙂


Founder of this Museum ;)