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In the tradition of TCPC and in an attempt to create a micro-economy that nurtures creative experimentation on new technologies in the field of open source, the restoration of the old, and the sharing of knowledge, the ROVELAB of Palazzolo Acreide, garage techno-brutal creation of innovative systems and technologies to disseminate historical / scientific, art and theater, in collaboration with  Museo dell’Informatica Funzionante, the Freaknet Medialab and the Foundation, organized the first



’cause’ ALL BROKEN and ‘necessary REPAIRED!

16 and 17 August, 2013, 24 hours / 24!

16 CHALLENGES for REAL HACKERS with a prize pool of 1997.27 Euros!

We have scrap interactive installations of the millennium, which include virtual Cyberglove gloves, HumanGlove, Octane2 with Silicon Graphics IRIX operating system, strange coupons shoot-MIDI, but also very recent technology such as LEAP Motion, Kinect, Wiimote …

From what, we want to experiment with new open source technologies related to 3D sensing, videomapping, systems that support the theater and interactive installations by restoring and renewing old installations with new devices using GNU / Linux and opensource software.

That said, we have compiled a list of 16 CHALLENGES and a prize for each challenge in Euro fixed!

A jury will award trozkysta in stature Solomonic ‘in full, in part or increase premiums to the challenges associated with breaking the bank earned on the field by the group involved in Freaknet Rovelab.

The contents of the piggy bank for this transaction and ‘of 1996.27 Euros, divided over 16 CHALLENGES, with different weights, varying between 40 and 200 Euro per CHALLENGE.

Depending on the devotion to the cause or the effects as well ‘according to their own needs’ body, the winners will also decide to donate all, part, or nothing more than’ a prize won at the Museum Informatics working!

Many challenges require different skills and some need the support of RoveLab with tools and experience: for these reasons and ‘strongly recommended that most of the challenges are addressed in a team and sharing.

The generated codes and the procedures adopted to solve the challenges COMMENTED go as they should, so that ‘they are easily replicable and usable by the community’.

All will be ‘published GNU / GPL or similar, depending on the characteristics of our public git repository.

List of Challenges with PRIZES APPROXIMATE:

Restoring a multi-channel installation synchronized to 4 displays with Blender 2.49b + pure-date extended, and added real-time control for deformation polygon, within the same machine or with more ‘machines on the network. PD-extended must turn to all the machines in parallel, synchronizing, go ported on Blender again!

2) THE GLOVE OF OZ: 40 Euro
Restoring installation of interactive theater for the animation of virtual characters synthetic glove with Cybergrlove on Silicon Graphics O2 currently locked due to a program that runs automatically blocking all graphic resources of the system, rendering it unusable

3) THE GLOVE Zozzo: 40 Euro
Restoring historic installation of interactive theater built under Windows on an old laptop with intermittent hardware problems, with MIDI keyboard and virtual glove HumanGlove. Challenge preparatory to 4!

4) Prolegomena FOR RENDERING ubiquitous: 150 Euro
From the 3 challenge resolved, connect a second historic car rendering with Win XP and transmit the previous machine, via TCP / IP data to the remote machine that interprets and renders, reproducing the same machine models of the challenge 3 (this is configure script already ‘existing) and extend this test from the LAN to the Internet.

Implement sensor readings gloves and serial Cyberglove HumanGlove through PD-extended and present separately cash beds at a frequency of 100 per second.

6) QUANTUM LEAP: 100 Eur
Create program for reading Leap Motion of the device with the appropriate SDK under GNU / Linux, producing as output the number of rotations of the joints of the hands and orientation of the hand similarly to a virtual glove to pd-extender and Blender.

7) SPARATRAPS: 200 Eur
Creating a patch of PD-extended for processing, with offset and multiplier, flows from the sensors (gloves, etc..) And assignment to a transform of a 3D model in Blender via OSC protocol (there are already ‘configurable modules, which must be configured), save and recall configurations in text files (list of model transformed sensor offset and multiplier) and make porting code python in blender (made with Blender 2.49b for python 2.6, which must be configured / worn for python3 versions Blender and new) that reads the OSC and assigns movements to the polygons or maneuver the video texture.

8) Telekinesis: 80 Eur
Implement the reading and the extraction of parameters in real time from Kinect within PD-extended, so as to transmit these parameters via OSC in Blender. Packages already ‘existing, to configure!

Implement the reading and the extraction of parameters in real time from Wiimote within PD-extended, so as to transmit these parameters via OSC in Blender. Packages already ‘existing, to configure!

Creating a series of simple 3D models in Blender for use in the construction of video-projected stage machines to support multi-channel systems synchronized interactive. Texture to create: Verrano provided details!

11) NE ‘MEAT OR’ FISH: 100 Eur
Creating a 3D model in Blender of a synthetic character to use with Blender Player to be animated in real time from various sensors deployed.

Exhumation of the corpse virtual BIT, found at Citta ‘della Scienza in Naples after the fire, the same as it was before, but now would like to return opensource 3D models with more’ accurate but adhering to the graphic original, rebuilt in Blender ( already exists’ a version for street entertainers that could be alleviated. PS serves investigate shading techniques, implementation of the dynamics, collision etc. within the Blender Player.

13) IT’S COMPILING: 200 Eur
Fine-tuning, rebuild Blender, FFMpeg, Linux Kernel, VDPAU and everything else needed in order to make maximum use of the hardware resources of a system dedicated to the use of multiple streams of video with Blender; implement the reception of OSC commands for control of the video texture and the change of files on polygons and implement reading via streaming video of the texture.

Repair / Restore 3 gloves virtual non-functioning Humanware (false contacts, leads to change etc.).

15) THE MAGIC BOX: 100 Eur
Electronic hack: Repair of a hardware interface FAIL management Cyberglove virtual glove. The unit ‘glove work, but the electronic part that acquires it does not work (we have 2 units’ twins, one of which is broken)

16) IN THE FLESSO: 80 Eur
Implementation of reading tape measures resistive and proximity sensors’ via Arduino to create data streams to be sent to PD-extended and generate MIDI streams to be sent to drum machines, programs, sound effects, etc.. of your choice.


a) Blender has a second executable that is called Blender Player; ago the first rendering to build models, while the second is used to perform real-time, and ‘the latter we are interested primarily! 🙂

b) The gloves virtual transmit via the serial port, frame x frame, the state of all the available sensors, the number of sensors varies depending on the model of virtual glove. Cyberglove talk via serial connection to 38400bps, 8N1, devoting 8 bits per channel, the train of a frame, and ‘consists of 24 bytes of which 17 are active sensors; HumanGlove talk via serial connection to 19200bps, 8N1, dedicating 12 bits per channel, that inserts each other in ways esoteric, there is a code in C to decrypt this data! 🙂 Both are expected to receive the letter “G” capitalized via serial before sending a train of information. We are interested to read these data to the frequency of the most ‘high as possible, successivamete can be filtered to 100 readings per second … you will have more ‘details!

We told you: I am the real CHALLENGES!

List of materials available:

Materials ROVELAB:
– 1 Wiimote
– 1 Kinect
– 2 USB ports – MIDI
– 1 external sound card ROLAND UA25EX
– 3 HumanGlove to restore
– 1 Leap Motion
– Laptop DELL system with virtual glove
– 1 powerful computer for Blender with 2 video outputs
– 1 computer with 2 video outputs and various systems installed
– 1 8-core HP laptop with 2 video outputs
– Various Screens
– Sensors various
– Video projector
– Specialized Tools

Museum Functional Materials for Informatics:
– 1 Silicon Graphics Octane2 with s.o. IRIX
– 1 Cyberglove Virtex Technology working
– 1 Cyberglove Virtex Technology with serial interface fails
– 1 Arduino ten thousand in case of development vintage 😉
– Serial interface / USB
– Various Screens
– Various PC
– Equipment of the restoration workshop of the Museum
– Specialized Tools

Needed: (take it from home, if you have!)

– Welders
– Keyboard MIDI
– PC installable
– Sensors of various types
– Arduini
– Audio Speakers

We wait from Friday 16 August 2013 at 9.30 am at the Museum Informatics Working, Street Carnival 17, 96010 Palazzolo Acreide (SR)!

For more information:
Phone: 0931-184-5849



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