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About Us

The idea of a "living" Computer Museum, where people can try and use the old computers, was born in the beginning age of FreakNet. So, we start collecting old computers, preserving hardware, software, manuals, collecting documentation, schematics, and all the useful stuff.

Now we're finally starting to check, test, fix, classificate all this material in a phisical space so people can visit us and see our fantastic (and growing) collection of old computers, all (almost) working.
Also, it is possible to request documentation and software, printed or in digital version, to help other people in fixing and using old computers.
This site is, for now, under massive (re)construction. Many pieces lack of classification but images can be uyseful for other people. Please be patient, we're working hard! :)
Please, if you have an old historical computer, don't throw it: please consider shipping it to us. :)
And, please consider a donation; we have to pay bills for electricity, ADSL internet line and other expenses; we need a little air conditioner (without it, we can't turn on computers in Summer because here in Sicilia we have african winds and temperature is very hot); also, we need to buy shelfs, boxes, electronic components, to classificate, store and fix hardware, and to make this museum really useful and beautiful. Please donate! It's simple: just click on the paypal button and follow the instruction. Thanks! :)